5 Ways hiring a copywriter will improve your business    (and your bottom line!) 


1) When someone else does the writing, you have more time for your clients. 

Working with a copywriter relieves you of a big task, freeing you up to focus on the activities you want to do.


The time you spend writing, leaves you less time for the other responsibilities of your business.  Most small business owners have many tasks to do every day. Things like: 

  • finding and seeing clients.

  • submitting insurance claims and other paperwork.

  • networking and marketing.


These tasks are time consuming.  Many people, even if they write well, spend a lot of time writing copy for flyers, brochures, websites, and instructional materials, while their business would be better served with their attention elsewhere. 


And, if you are like many other business owners who don’t like to write, aren’t confident about doing it, or – worse yet, just don’t get it done, you may be losing out on a lot of business!


2) Professional writing shows off your skills in their best light.

A professional writer doesn't hold back on telling new clients how terrific you are or how working with you will improve their lives.

Often, someone else will "toot your horn" better than you will.  Your current clients know you are awesome - that's why they keep coming to you, but what about new clients? 


They are waiting for you to come along and help them with their problems, but they don’t know what you offer or the benefits of working with you, and you might never find each other. 


3) Professional writing makes you look good!

Having your website, newsletters, and brochures professionally written reflects who you are and what you do in the best possible light. 



  • Sending out a regular newsletter that contains articles of interest and other information designed to encourage people to contact you!  

  • Well-written website copy and the enthusiasm it creates in the minds of clients, both old and new.  

  • A brochure that clearly outlines the services you provide and the benefits you offer.


4) Your copywriter may have knowledge or information that you don't have, but that you would like to share with your clients. 

Copywriters often choose to write within a specific niche. By having their finger on the pulse of an industry, they can provide articles on topics that are of interest to your clients, but that you don't have the time to research. 


Your writer does the research and writing for you!


For example: I have researched and worked as a consultant and health educator for many years and have a wide range of knowledge in the field.  My clients frequently ask me to write articles based on questions that their clients are asking, or create "white papers" - instructional documents designed to address specific activities or information.


5) Professional writing is an investment in your business.

Professional copywriting is money well spent.  

It will:

  • make you more accessible. 

  • highlight your skills and the benefits clients receive by working with you.

  • send a message to the world that you take your work seriously.

  • show the personal attention you bring to yourself, your work, and most importantly, your clients!


Just as attending a professional training, hiring an assistant, or updating your office or equipment improves your professional appearance, hiring a writer who represents your business clearly is an investment in yourself and your professional image. 

If you are ready to explore how you and your business can grow and provide the best service possible, contact me at c_morningsong@yahoo.com or 707 321-4431.  

Let's see how we can develop your printed presence to show your future customers that they have been looking for you!

​© 2017 by Cynkay Morningsong


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