As a business woman, it was important for me to find a person with 100% integrity, patience, kindness, and the ability to see my vision and take action.


Morningsong has been and continues to be a blessing in my life.  She recognized my vision of  “Miss Daisy’s Magical Musical Wonderland” and brought it to life.


She has been involved in all aspects of my business.  She wrote and designed my website, creates all of my marketing materials, designed my bed and breakfast, worked with the laborers as they did the building, helped me as I learned to work with staff and clients, and coaches me as I've created my dream.


Morningsong is invaluable in keeping my business up and running.  She always follows through with her word and has excellent people skills. I could not manage without her support, wisdom, and guidance.  In the year we have been working together I have gone from one music class and an unfinished bedroom that I occasionally rented - to offering several ongoing classes, hosting many events, and operating a 4 bedroom bed and breakfast that has welcomed guests from all over the world!


I highly recommend her for all of your personal & business needs. I know that when you choose to hire Morningsong, you will be delighted with all that she has to offer.


Daisy Blincoe