Life Lessons...

The 10 most important things to know - so far!

1) If you want to have great relationships you first must be great at relating. Don't wait for others to begin –start by treating them how you want to be treated. There is only one person who will be in every relationship you’ll ever have, and that is yourself. You are the only one whose life and choices are completely within your circle of influence. Be the person you would want to be in relationship with. Once you do that, your relationships will grow into your ideal perception of perfection.

2) If something is possible at all - it is possible for everyone. The only thing that differs between you and another is that they have already agreed to accept what they desire. You still believe it isn’t yours to have. Once you are able to accept that the entire Kingdom lies within, you will see that everything is possible and is, in fact, already yours.

3) Others will only treat you as badly as you are willing to be treated. Choosing to stay in an abusive situation is a choice. While it may be true that another is acting the role of abuser, you are there because a part of you still believes that this is the life you deserve. When you have reached your level of tolerance for mistreatment, you'll leave. Until then you will continue to suffer as a victim.

4) Happiness is a choice - as is love, anger, fear, and disappointment. Nobody does anything to create these emotions within you, nor can they “make” you feel them. If they are part of your experience, it's because you have chosen them. If you desire a different experience, you can choose that as well. What a relief it is to discover that we can always choose love over fear and happiness over anger.

5) Love is a verb - it isn't something to get, it's something to DO! We spend much of our lives desiring that someone love us; so we chase it, dream of it, pray for it. If we would put the same energy into expressing love as we do into obtaining it we would find that we have all of the love we can imagine already available to us, all of the time. We get love to the exact degree in which we give it.

6) There is no such thing as a by-stander, you are either in or you're out. You can choose what action to take, but even not acting is an action. If you believe in something don’t just wait for it to happen, look for the ways you can participate in creating the outcome you want. Regardless of how much you say you want something, if you don’t engage in its creation, you are engaging in its absence.

7) Your life is all about you! We are each at the center of our own personal universe. The only person you can change, control, or have any real effect on is yourself. We run into problems when we believe that we are at the center of someone else’s universe and we want them to revolve around us. I don’t know about you, but my hands are full with the creation of my own world. Please don’t expect me to create yours.

8) You will find that the world will always validate your beliefs. If you expect things to be a certain way, life will arrange itself to meet your expectations. If you want to know what you truly believe, simply look around at the life you have created. If you want your life to be different you must start by believing that it is. Nothing has ever been created that didn’t begin as a thought and a belief in its possibility.

9) There is no separation, there is only One Life and we are all engaged in it. Each of us contributes to this life to the degree that we allow it to express through us. What is life seeking to create as you? What is the purpose life has for your participation in its great unfolding? Not living up to the potential within you is a loss to us all. It is selfish to stay small or hide your light under a barrel.

10) Everything always turns out fine in the end. If it hasn't turned out fine, it’s because it isn't the end.

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