Comprehensive Website Audits


Are you generally happy with your website but feel like it needs something else...?


A Comprehensive Website Audit is an examination of all or part of your website.  I will look for specific ways to improve appearance, performance, and usability. 

I will provide you with a page-by-page review/report containing detailed recommendations to boost response. This includes: 


  • A thorough review of your site, measuring it against website best practices

  • A detailed report of your strengths and opportunities

  • A customized Content Strategy Plan to boost SEO traffic and site conversion


As a result of this Site Audit, you’ll have a clear, strategic road map for content changes that will make a huge difference to your website’s performance. 

Strategic Messaging Platforms


Does your business have a clear message that is targeted and on purpose?

A Strategic Messaging Platform is a comprehensive document that contains all

relevant marketing and selling statements about your product or service.

Its purpose is to serve as the “master message document” from which you can spin off all of your essential marketing pieces.


This 10 page report generally includes:

• Product tagline

• Description of your specific target market

• Explanation of the value provided by your product or service

• Description of how your product works

• A complete list of market research facts and figures

• Unique Selling Proposition (USP) statement

• Emotional Selling Proposition (ESP) statement

• Product positioning statement

• Testimonials from product champions

• Key message benefit statements

• Key message benefit statements designed to overcome anticipated product objections


Web Content & Copywriting


How's that website coming along...?

Content creation for websites and other marketing materials.  Using effective and proven writing techniques, and capturing the voice and tone of your business, I will increase conversions and turn your website visitors into clients.     


  • Site pages

  • Newsletters

  • Case Studies

  • White Papers

  • Flyers & Brochures


Business Development & Branding


Successful businesses begin with branding.  Who are you, and what do you offer?  


Working together, we will discover the unique ways in which to offer your work.  This includes clarifying your niche and target market, choosing the name of your business, it's voice, image, and how it will be presented.  We will set the goals you want to acheive and clearly map out how to get from where you are now, to where you want to go.

Management & Leadership Coaching


As a recognized manager and leader I have been an instrumental part in the creation, building, and management of many businesses.  I have experience consulting in the fields of:


  • Personal Growth

  • Health & Wellness

  • Entertainment

  • Construction and Real Estate

  • Corporate Consulting


Whether you are just starting out, or you have been in business for awhile, you may find that there are areas where you, or your staff, would benefit from coaching.  Let me help you grow your business with coaching based on experience and knowledge. 

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